About Us

Corey and Michelle are a husband and wife team currently located in Brevard County. We specialize in advanced lighting techniques so that no matter what time of the day we photograph, we can provide consistent, quality images that you will appreciate for a lifetime.

Corey is an Army veteran with a photography certificate from Eastern Florida State College. Perfection is his goal in everything he does, and he goes above and beyond to get just the right image. His passion for photography gives the client a unique experience, where he lets them see what’s going on behind the camera each step of the way, letting them help guide their experience. 

Michelle holds a master’s degree in Leadership, and always strives to keep Iron Fire Designs on the cutting edge of technology and technique, while still maintaining a great relationship with our clients. She oversees communication before, during, and after your photo shoot, and her goal is to make sure your vision becomes reality!